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05 June 2012

Quick Update

The appointment yesterday was not quite what I expected. He focused mainly on the optic nerve function but didn't do an eye exam, which means I still need one. The good news: He does not see any sign that the meningioma is affecting my optic nerve function. I don't know exactly what that means in terms of me making a decision about surgery, but it's a small victory in the story.

There is still the chance that the tumor will grow or start pressing on my optic nerve and causing double vision or lack of peripheral vision. Those side effects may or may not correct themselves on their own after having most of the tumor removed. The surgeon mentioned that double vision after the surgery is pretty likely and that it may or may not resolve itself in the four to six weeks of healing time at home post-surgery. There are glasses I could get for the double vision or another surgery. That's a lot of unknown and my type A personality is struggling a bit with it all. I was hoping we'd have a more clear picture of what needed to happen.

After leaving the doctor's office yesterday, I got a call about the contract to hire job I interviewed for last week. I start today. I tossed and turned after 3:30 this morning and I'm sure I'll be tired later but I'm excited to have something, finally (!!). The commute is short, the pay is where I need it to be. Life may not be perfect but it's nice to have something good happen while I try and figure out everything else.

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